15 June 2018 

Earth Unscrewed Podcast by Virgin

This month we were interviewed by hosts Helena Scales and Seyi Rhodes as part of their multi-part series called Earth Unscrewed. The programme explores just that - how does humanity mitigate and repair the damage it has done on ecosystems? We spoke to the presenters about our project in Somaliland and how it could play an important part in "unscrewing"  Earth. Click through to have a listen! 


19 March 2018

Shell Springboard 2018 Regional Winners

Seawater Greenhouse was named regional winner at the Shell Springboard Competition! The award recognizes businesses that can help realize a more sustainable and low-carbon future. It comes with £40,000 of equity-free funding and a chance to compete at the national finals for an additional £110,000. Click through to an article by Business Green to find out more! 

Abdi-Hakiim First Harvest.jpg

17 January 2018

Our First Harvest! 

We are extremely happy to announce that after finishing construction in November, we have now had our first harvest! To the left you will see Horticultural Manager Abdi-Hakiim proudly displaying fresh lettuce, tomato and cucumber grown on our site using only sunshine and seawater. This milestone shows what is possible using our technology - even the arid coast line of Somaliland can be transformed in to productive land! Soon we will expand our crop trials to include bean, carrot and onion. For more information, check out the excellent article written by BusinessGreen. 

9 January 2018

Seawater Greenhouse featured in Financial Times "50 Ideas to Change the World"

We are honored to be featured in the Financial Times 50 Ideas competition that will find "50 ideas to shape the world in the future". As part of the competition, Seawater Greenhouse were invited to FT headquarters to meet other entrepreneurs and innovators to share ideas and insights. Click through the link to learn more! 

8 November 2017

Seawater Greenhouse Somaliland Construction

For a comprehensive recap of the build in Somaliland, follow the below link to Site Manager Chris Rothera's construction blog. There you will find details from the entire process, from land clearance to final fit-out. 


6 November 2017

Paper Published in Desalination

We are very excited to announce the official publishing of our paper, Brine Utilisation for cooling and salt production in wind-driven seawater greenhouses: Design and modeling, in the journal Desalination. The paper is the result of several years of collaboration between Seawater Greenhouse and Aston University. We would like to especially thank Dr Philip Davies, Dr Sotos Generalis, Opus Igobo and Takeshi Akinaga of Aston for their tireless contributions. As with all of our work, the paper has been made open-access and available in the public domain. 

1 November 2017

Seawater Greenhouse aston University Collaboration Video

A video highlighting the partnership between Seawater Greenhouse and Aston University. Together we have developed advanced modeling tools that enable our designs to be lower cost and more rugged.


November 2016

IDS names SG on list of 10 frontier technologies for international development

We are very proud to have been named on the list of 10 frontier technologies for international development by the Institute for Development Studies. IDS is a global leader in development research and communications. Click here to read the report.